My name is Dylan. I'm from Australia, where I live on the Central Coast of NSW.

I build websites for a living. In mid–2013 I finished working with Plus2 on projects large and small. I now work with a Sydney–based start–up, Insvrance and consult on a range of projects one at a time.

I work on Surftourist.com, as well as personal projects such as fire explorer and the API it's powered by. You can see what else I'm up to on Github. I'm a full–stack developer who enjoys writing Ruby and JavaScript most, and is growing in confidence with Go.

My main passion is surfing. Aside from that, I enjoy fairly typical stuff like photography and listening to music. After high school I studied art for four years, majoring in painting. I haven't been painting lately, but I plan to return to it one day.

If you'd like to find me elsewhere on the web; I tweet via @dylanfm, post photos on Flickr. You can also email me at dylan [at] dylanfm.com.

Dylan Fogarty–MacDonald